Monday, December 30, 2013

Sushi and Pedi

Hey Guys!!

So I got my nails done tonight for NYE and they turned out super cute!!

For a blogger I'm pretty awful at taking pictures but the tips are silver&gold glitter! I also got a pedicure with pink/silver glitter. We grabbed sushi before but I forgot to take pictures :( 

Yea...foot pictures are always awkward, sorry! haha. Anyways I went to a new mani/pedi place and it was super cheap! They also spent approximately an hour trimming up my nasty big toe. I'm really awful at being a girl and usually my toes look like crap. It'll be nice to have them look good for NYE!

In other news the Packers won last night and I supported them by consuming lots of cheese, fudge, chips, and dip! The spread we had was pretty marvelous. 

My knee is still bugging me so I think I need to be smart and not run two 5k's tomorrow but we'll see. If I don't run I think I'm going to head to an 'Intro to Inversions' yoga class which could be awesome and dangerous, probably a bit of both. I'm leaning more towards yoga right now because my knee is hurting something fierce but who knows maybe I'll wake up tomorrow ready to run!

Stormy has been making the greatest faces lately:

She's also learned to share recently, in this picture she is sharing her bed with Caitlin instead of biting her to death. I'd say it's progress :)


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