Monday, June 2, 2014

May Miles Challenge Results!

Hey Guys!!

Time to post your miles for May! Did you hit your goal or not?  I ended up being short of my three week goal hitting 64 miles instead of the 75 I wanted. Weekend trips and lingering injuries definitely got the best of me!

It's also hard to keep running when you have a dog that likes to lay down in the shade on walks haha. Although I didn't hit the mileage I wanted I have been better about getting in my strength training and listening to my body. I need to get my knee feeling 100% before I put too much stress on it. 

Make sure you post your miles below and if you hit your goal you could win a pair of compression socks!


  1. i don't remember what i said i wanted to do....but i know for sure that i didn't get it. because i was sick all last week and didn't run at all. :(

  2. I hit my goal of 45 miles!